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Little Saigon Economic, Cultural, and Social Center

14541 Brookhurst St., Ste. C9, C10, C12 Westminster, CA 92683

Điện thoại: (714) 839-4441 | Fax: (714) 839-6668

The Little Saigon’s Cultural & Social Service Center offers a variety of services to the Vietnamese-American community, helping the residents to resolve a wide spectrum of issues ranging from immigration-related to legal issues.


· Batterers' Treatment Program

Every year, about 500 clients are benefited from the Program. With a team of licensed and experienced staff, the Program offers education, prevention, and counseling sessions in spousal abuse, child abuse, and batterers’ rehabilitation.

· Immigration Program

· Free legal services for low income clients

· ESL & Citizenship Classes

· Telephone Billing Assistance Program

Since telephone bills can be overwhelming for both English-speaking and non-English-speaking consumers in the community, the Program is designed to guide the consumers through the matrix of telephone bills. The purpose is to remove non-essential, un-necessary, yet expensive options from the consumer’s telephone account, thus will help to lower the overall monthly telephone expense.

· CHANGES Program

The program provides services to Limited English Proficiency and underserved communities through outreach, consumer education workshops, and dispute resolution services involving gas and electricity utilities.

· Mental Health Services
Project FOCUS (For Our Children's Ultimate Success):Project FOCUS has a "Whatever-It-Takes" approach toward promoting success for youth. Emphasis is put on servicing youth (up to their 26th birthday) who are severely mentally ill or have serious emotional disorders/disturbance. Assistance is provided with medical, educational, social, prevocational, vocational, rehabilitative and other community services. We also provide referrals for housing, nutrition, child care, transportation, employment, health care and counseling. (Contact: 714-839-4441)

Outreach & Engagement Well(ness)essity

A mental health outreach program that seeks to help adults between the ages of 25-59.

Suicide Prevention Program

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